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Combobox API overview


addOption()adds a new item into the list of Combobox options
blur()removes focus from Combobox
clear()clears the value set in the Combo Box
destructor()removes a ComboBox instance and releases occupied resources
disable()disables ComboBox on a page
enable()enables a disabled ComboBox
focus()sets focus in the input without opening a popup with options
getValue()gets id(s) of items from data collection selected in ComboBox
isDisabled()checks whether a combobox is disabled
paint()repaints a Combo Box
setValue()selects option(s) in ComboBox

Use DataCollection methods to work with data.


afterClosefires after closing a list with options
afterOpenfires after opening a list with options
beforeChangefires before selection of a new option
beforeClosefires before closing a list with options
beforeOpenfires before opening a list with options
blurfires when Combobox has lost focus
changefires when a new option is selected
focusfires when Combobox has received focus
inputfires on typing text in an input of Combobox
keydown fires when any key is pressed and an option of Combobox is in focus

Use DataCollection events to work with data.


cssOptional. Adds style classes to Combobox
dataOptional. Specifies an array of data objects to set into the combobox
disabledOptional. Makes Combo Box disabled
filterOptional. Sets a custom function for filtering Combo Box options
helpMessageOptional. Adds an icon with a question mark next to the Combo input
hiddenLabelOptional. Adds a hidden label for a Combo box input that will be used while sending a form to the server
htmlEnableOptional. Enables/disables rendering of HTML content (inner HTML) in Combobox options
itemHeightOptional. Sets the height of an item in the list of options
itemsCountOptional. Shows the total number of selected options
labelOptional. Adds a label for ComboBox
labelPositionOptional. Defines the position of a label of a combobox
labelWidthOptional. Sets the width of a label
listHeightOptional. Sets the height of the list of options
multiselectionOptional. Enables selection of multiple options in ComboBox
newOptionsOptional. Allows end users to add new options into the data collection of Combobox
placeholderOptional. Sets a placeholder in the input of Combo
readOnlyOptional. Makes Combo Box readonly
selectAllButtonOptional. Defines whether the Select All button should be shown
templateOptional. Sets a template of displaying options in the popup list
valueOptional. Specifies the values that will appear in the input on initialization of the combobox by their id(s)
virtualOptional. Enables dynamic loading of data on scrolling the list of options